If you are unsure whether a product contains sustainable palm oil I have compiled a list below, also you can look on this website:


 First to prevent me from listing all of Aldi’s products, Aldi uses 100% sustainable palm oil.

  • Woolworth’s home brand donuts
  • Macrocorn chips
  • Coles Green Choice Laundry Products and Detergents
  • Coles Revitalising Citrus Fresh Soap, Coles Soothing Lavender Soap, Coles Nourishing Shea Butter, Coles Ginger Kisses, Coles Lamingtons, Coles Choc Top, Coles Sultanas, Coles 2 Minute Instant Noodles
  • Against the grain cookies
  • Green and Blacks Chocolate
  • all Arnott’s brand biscuits
  • Mars chocolate products including m&m’s